A little about me….

I love to cook and have found with being a mom, I don’t always have the time to get a healthy and well thought out meal on the table every night. With being on a tight budget (considering the high cost of groceries anymore), I have found it beneficial to plan out my meals weekly. I get the Giant (favorite grocery store) flyer and design my week’s menu around the sale items, or as best as possible. We all have picky eaters and it’s not so easy to get them to eat those healthy foods. So I figured since I write everything down on paper every week, why not share it with everyone else who may not have the “time” to do it. Our daily lifestyle seems to keep consuming more of that “time” from us.

More and more, our society has been relying on fast food to feed our families and inevitably, we as a society are growing (in size). I thought I would share my weekly meal plan (mostly Monday through Friday) since those are the days of the week we struggle to get through. Between both parents working full-time jobs, our children being involved with multiple activities each, never mind all the other chores we have to complete in a day, that ugly question pops up around 4:00 each afternoon. “What’s For Dinner Tonight?” I hope this blog will help you with a few meals here and there and make your life just a little cheerier! Thanks for reading and following my dinner blog.

Christi D.


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  1. Christi, your blog is great! You make it look so easy even I can do it! It is much easier when things are written down by week…..nutrition seems to go downhill when I haven’t prepared or defrosted anything. Keep it up, girl!! -RW

  2. oops or saver!!! LOL love the pics too! made the chicken last in the crock. The girls love Quesadilla. If you dont have a quesadiila maker, I suggest you get one.!!!

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